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Achievement Unlocked – Goes The Dynamite

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So there I was, grinding away to get the R2 – We’re Gonna Need Guns achievement, and all of the sudden ding! The entire first chapter has been deleted. Why? Because it is boring, sports fans. Literally nothing happens. Mouse sits on the couch for 1500 words. Alone in the house. Staring at the walls in near catatonia. NOTHING HAPPENS.

(No, I did not really delete the chapter. Never delete anything. But it has been reassigned to a folder labeled ‘KillRoom’.)

Achievement Unlocked!


gwen.simon has unlocked R1- Get Rid of Toby!

Things Which Are Surprisingly Hard

Firstly, trying to write in someone else’s voice. I’ve been slowly chipping away at the next installment of Z-day, and it is very difficult for me to stay true to Pip’s protagonist- an introvert who speaks in passive tense and dreads being the center of attention. Pip is helping (By which I mean making it worse), but still it requires a painful amount of thought to remove myself from the throat grabbing heroines I prefer to see such an action-packed series through the eyes of someone who wants desperately to be a passive observer.

Secondly, trying to write ANYTHING AT ALL. Don’t tell her, but Pip is giving me a serious crutch in the form of her erratic zombie serial. I don’t think I could get my shit together enough for SRS WRITR STUF right now. Mostly I jut want to pull the blankets over my head and drink myself blind, deaf and dumb. Or at least more cold tolerant- the heaters are broken and I’m sleeping in multiple hoodies.

I think that’s enough of me bitching for today- drop a line if you want some personalized vitriol.

This is Looking Bad

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Did you ever see a hamster on a wheel, running and running and getting no-fucking-where?

Ever see one trip?

Yeah, I know I shouldn’t laugh, but I can’t stop gobbling up all that juicy schadenfreude. Plus, it makes me feel better about the way I get off track writing. I start out on the stupid wheel, and then something shiny distracts me, or crippling seasonal depression makes me face plant, and one afternoon I find myself sitting in my rack with an hour to myself, looking at notes scribbled on napkins and scraps of paper. And I realize I’m accomplished precisely, exactly, diddly. Squat, zilch, nein, not one motherfucking word in six months.

Firstly, I blame work. When we’re out (That’s 6mo at a time) I work (Not exaggerating) from 07 to 02, with one day a week when I only work from 07 to 17. Days blur together after a week or so.

Fuck, here I am bitching when I could be futilely attempting to make progress on Z-Day.


Hello, my name is Gwen, and I’m a Bad Blogger. Part of this is because I am easily distracted by shiny objects, sugary treats, and loud noises. The rest of it is because I spend more than half the year with rigid internet restrictions. Unfortunately, Gwen not only has a “Real Job” to pay the rent, she works for “The Man”. And he blocks most of the internet to keep Gwennie and her team from accidentally telling terrorists where we are and what we’re doing.

(Dear Terrorists: It isn’t that interesting. You don’t want to know. Just Google that shit. Seriously.)

On a lighter note, Toxic Books (Me) has penciled (Not inked) an agreement with B3 Productions (@big_black_bird) to put together a zombie novel, and initiate self-publication Bacchanalia!

Pip (B3’s Head Lemur Wrangler and Gwen’s Roommate) started the project, but abandoned it 3/4 of the way through Part One (Which she had titled: ZombieTiemBitches!). I found it while I was looking for blackmail material a pencil. It’s rough. REAL rough. But I haven’t been able to put anything on paper in ages, so I am stealing her inspiration and making it my own. Bwahaha!