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Popsicle Stand: Blown

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Okay, so nothing got done for a year. My reasons are great: I got very very sick, got transferred, my project ended so I lost my job, and I moved to the other side of the planet. 2014 was very eventful for me, and I really did not feel like subjecting the echo chamber of the internet to my ceaseless whining.

So, we’re just going to start over with a clean slate. Hello, 2015, and here’s to hoping that you’re better than your predecessor, who was an unrepentant dirt bag.

Space Piracy For Great Justice!

I know I’m supposed to be doing actual work right now. I know. Shut up.

I was going through some old emails, and I found my very first novel, long thought lost, emailed to myself. I will read it now.
I will post laments about how foolish and clumsy my teenage self was (This was written for JulNo 2008!) later on.

First Kill

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2014-01-01 20.24.00

The first goal Post-It has been vanquished. In the spirit of the new year, allow Lt Aldo Raine to motivate you. Just pretend your goals are Nazi related.