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I Was Thinking About Ghost Stories

People think ghosts only live in isolated places. Dilapidated farmhouses, crumbling churches, the whispering halls of abandoned mental hospitals, that sort of thing. And when ghosts do come near living people, the stories banish them to attics and cellars, the creaking, dusty places of disuse. As if malevolent spirits have nothing better to do than rummage around in boxes of Christmas ornaments and old clothes.

The ghosts are where the living are.

I Have Not Abandoned Thee, Word Hoarder.

But the government did steal my ability to update, as they are prone to doing. I’m back now, though, and will be for the foreseeable future.

Which means it’s time for the writing to happen.


Now, those of you who can do math have probably figured out that Nano and I didn’t get our juicy bits together and make a word baby. Frankly, I’ve been word free for an awkwardly long time. That’s going to change. (I mean it this time. Shut up, asshole in the front row.)

Achievement Unlocked – Goes The Dynamite

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So there I was, grinding away to get the R2 – We’re Gonna Need Guns achievement, and all of the sudden ding! The entire first chapter has been deleted. Why? Because it is boring, sports fans. Literally nothing happens. Mouse sits on the couch for 1500 words. Alone in the house. Staring at the walls in near catatonia. NOTHING HAPPENS.

(No, I did not really delete the chapter. Never delete anything. But it has been reassigned to a folder labeled ‘KillRoom’.)