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The WriYe Blog Circle – Jan

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nullWhat is your one main goal for this year? Call it your writing resolution. Not two. Not five. Your main and only one. And why is it your goal?

I fell off this particular horse a long time ago, and I haven’t been very successful about getting back on. So that’s the goal.

See, life and work and health issues have kept me from writing. And I didn’t so much fight them as build a sad little blanket fort and let it happen. 2014 proved to be profoundly shitty, and I was really, really unprepared to deal with it.

I set a tiny, tiny goal for WriYe. Only 120k, 10k a month. A decade ago I would have laughed at so tiny a challenge. Right now, though, I’m soft and sick and weak, and all I want is to make it to the end. I want to be a writer again. It was my favorite part of myself, and in my soft, shuddering weakness I let it be taken away. I want it back, I want myself back. I want the hum of stories in my ears like spring cicadas. I want to go to the place in myself where stories come from and not find the door locked and barred.

I just want to be myself again.

Preparing for January


A (Possibly overlarge) shot of my writing tracker board, currently set up for January.

The brightly colored tabs on the left are a reverse word tracker- I rip off and crush them when I defeat them. The middle bit is a standard calender with daily goals written in. The last one is a visual tracker with goals as hollow bars. Word count achieved is a line graph superimposed on top of the bar graph.

The empty space below them is where I put ‘Fast Facts’- Things like secondary character names, the name of that one Chinese place, whatever I may need on a moment’s notice but don’t want to have to dig back through to find. This zone usually turns into a Post-It shellacked monstrosity during long projects.

I confess to being a little in love with the data collection and assessment part of writing. And everything else, really. I’ll make a graph of anything.